The World Cup in Front of the TV? No Problem!

Whoever did not skip training to see a match with your buddies, cast the first stone. Chill, nothing is lost! The World Cup on the couch does not have to mean giving up form and eating healthy, especially today, when we have a choice of healthy alternatives to traditional snacks on the market.

You vs. Your Buddies

Relax, everyone went through it. Many months on working on your form, putting yourself through the hoops on trainings and finally the day comes – MATCH! Your buddy is badgering you: “Drop in on me, we will have some beers, watch the match, buy some tack. It will be cool.” Buddies know that they will not persuade you with beer, but what about the enormous number of unhealthy snacks? Chips, breadsticks… some pizza, too. You cannot resist it! And what if you do not have to give up either meeting your friends or having a real spread? What if there are products for people like you – who do want to stay in shape and, at the same time, not to pass on snacks during house parties with their friends? Such world would be perfect, right?

What instead of chips?

Recently, Poland has been undergoing a nutritional revolution. A lot of people eat consciously and choose products that suit their lifestyle. There are more and more bio, vegan or sports products on store shelves. The availability of alternatives to popular snacks, such as chips, breadsticks or popcorn was just a matter of time.

These days, we can find various healthy snacks in stores – from seasoned almonds to chips made of dried potatoes, carrots and even apples. There are plenty of options, but which to choose? Chicks&Sport Crispy that has high protein content can also be an alternative.

Chicks > crispy

We do not have to remind you that it is protein that builds the muscles, do we? It is especially important for people like you – active, staying in shape, and unwilling to compromise. Chicks&Sport Crispy chips that contain as much as 78% of protein and, practically no fat or carbohydrates, are a perfect snack for people that want to live an active lifestyle. Thanks to Chicks, a match with buddies will not be a step back but an opportunity for regeneration and great fun without restrictions.

No more remorse! Chicks&Sport Crispy is 400 g of meat in 100 g of the final product. Staying in shape has never been tastier!

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism With A High-Protein Diet

Protein is a very important nutrient. It is the main building material of muscles; therefore, its consumption helps build muscle mass. Additionally, protein supports fat burning, which is why it is such an essential ingredient of every diet. A bigger amount of protein in a diet provides many benefits, but as with everything – you cannot overdo it.

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Finagle Calories!

Rollerblades are an ideal alternative for people who do not like running but want to do sport that is cheap and outdoor. Roller skating helps you burn a number of calories similar to running, but it does not burden joints. Additionally, you can ride on them to your workplace or to a store. Remember, however, to ensure your safety – do not forget about a helmet and a set of sport guards, and always carry with you, in your pockets, some Chicks, so that you can quickly provide your body with protein during training and be able to keep enjoying the joy of rollerblading!

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The Way To The Athletic Top!

In fighting sports, self-confidence is very important. Fighters enter the ring and, like gods, wait for the sea of applause, shouts full of praise, and incitements to fight. Their stare kills, they are hungry for victory, every muscle of the divine body is ready for the final clash. But what lies beneath? Is this just a mask worn for fights, or are they really that self-confident in their everyday lives? You have probably noticed that self-confidence, in reality, is present in all sports. To believe in your own capabilities and trust yourself is the very foundation of following your goals. It does not matter whether it is running, tennis or bodybuilding. The head and body must keep up.

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How Music Influences Runners' Workout?

Runners! Music can lift you up on the route, right? The research proved that every second runner – especially an amateur – listens to music during their workout. Regardless of the place of the workout, because you can meet people with headphones both in the park and at the gym.

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How Much Meat Is In Meat?

Do you remember how just a few years ago rarely any of our friends knew what guacamole was? And now? You enter a supermarket and right from the front you are being attacked by: tahini, topinambur, or quinoa. The number of exotic names on store shelves is countless.

But how to choose from among hundreds of products those that truly deserve the “eco” label? See what you should pay attention to when going for healthy shopping, and why our Chicks perfectly fit into new nutritional trends!

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Not Being Yourself? It Is Time For A Snack!

How is it that when you set a goal, there will always be someone or something that will prevent you from achieving it? “I will not eat junk food!” – and then, annoyingly, when you are leaving your work or coming back from training, your stomach begins to produce sounds that no one has heard before. Moreover, you have the impression that your stomach will turn upside down right away, and every person passing by will hear THIS sound coming from your guts, which screams for an energy shot  right there, right in that moment. You know you MUST do something, or you will either kill someone or literally starve to death.

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From Pemmican To Chicks – Gastronomic 100 Years In Himalaism

Extreme conditions require extreme nutrition. What do those who climbed the highest mountains eat at high altitudes? Our mountaineers often mention this in interviews: with every next stage of an expedition, the diet becomes more and more important! Here, even a 5% difference comparing to the standard nutrition can be crucial. At every step, ultra-light Chicks&Sport with a huge protein content does the job. Chicks and Sport helps to regenerate, and protects against the loss of muscle tissue, which often occurs at high altitudes!

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Chicks, In Good Company, Have Been Winning The Hearts And... Palates During ISM -- Report From The Trade Fair

4 days surrounded by snacks and sweets — a real paradise on the earth. ISM is already behind us — the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks. An event that we could not miss! We have prepared short report just for you, but from the beginning we can say that our Chicks fit perfectly into the trade fair’s climate and promoted trends — it was eco, it was healthy, and it was FUN!

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