• Special, new product line dedicated to athletes


    Whether you go to the gym and fitness, run, or play football - you need to supplement protein. Chicks&Sport is a fast, healthy and effective way to regain energy. Meat consumption affects proper development and growth of a human. Especially chicken meat because it has a high nutritional value; and is rich in protein. Additionally, it contains large portions of vitamins and minerals, such as: B vitamins, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. For 100 g of our product, we use 200 g of carefully selected chicken breast fillet.


43.5 %

of complete protein
(easily digested)

0.94 g

the minimal amount of salt
in a package


preservatives and other chemical additives

In the diet

Due to its low calorific value, chicken meat is perfect for people who take care of slim figure. We prepare our products only from the highest quality meat — we do care for natural and best quality ingredients. That is why our juicy chicken slices are suitable for people with sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

For athletes

They are low in fat but high in protein, making them an excellent snack for athletes. Chicks perfectly nourish and complement dietary needs of sportsmen during the training season and preparations for major sports events.

For allergy sufferers

Poultry meat is one of the least allergenic kinds of meat. It will work for allergy sufferers and people on the gluten-free diet. The bits are delicate, easy to bite and light, so that they can be eaten by children and the elderly.


Unlike traditional smoking, the process of cold smoking brings out the noblest taste and smell of chicken, and increases edibility without the need for artificial additives. After thorough cleaning and seasoning, the carefully selected chicken fillet undergoes a maturation process under strictly controlled conditions (temperature, humidity), and repeated cold smoking process. The maturation lasts about 5 weeks. During this process, the meat structure changes and the water is reduced, resulting in a 50% weight loss. There is 200 grams of chicken fillet in 100 grams of the final product!

In our smokehouse, we use only beech and alder woodchips from the cleanest regions of Poland, so that the cooked meats have an aroma and their skin does not get dark from the excess of soot. What is important, antioxidants are produced during cold smoking, which act on the human body as an antineoplastic agent. Thanks to keeping proper humidity during the smoking process, Chicks&Sport slices are juicy and fragrant. The closed circle of smoke we use reduces emissions to the atmosphere by 90%, and does not require the use of catalysts.

We manually clean chicken meat so that it does not contain any film, fat, cartilage, and other non-meaty ingredients – you get only the best.