Chicks & SPORT Extreme – New companion for Extreme Adventures

The winter should not be released. The low temperatures can effectively slow us down and be lazy, and it's a great time for hiking, skitoury, snowboarding or just longer hikes. However, it is important to prepare. Eating in such conditions is very important. Winter expeditions, not only extremes, require a lot of energy from us. And a lot of it absorbs. So be sure to fill it out. What to bet during the winter escapades? Is it possible to omit the Chinese zupki, which are unhealthy and embarrassing to prepare?

Prepare for changing conditions

For longer trips, especially those in the mountains, it is important to think carefully about what is going on. If you choose to be in high mountains and spend more than one day here, without the possibility to visit eg. Shelters, to be sure, we must remember to provide the body with energy. Especially in the high mountains we need it really much to overcome difficult and long routes, and also due to unfavourable weather conditions. Winter can repay trick-should be prepared for every eventuality. That's why handy food is just as important as matching your outfit to the weather.

Do not tear kilos

If you plan a trip, especially the longer one, you should be aware that everything we pack in the backpack will have to be carried on our own shoulders. Do not rzucajmy with the sun hoe. The food you take should weigh little, be comfortable to eat, be tasty and provide a lot of energy. These are the new chicks & Sport Extreme. Our products are vacuum packed – nothing zgniecie! Won the highest peaks with professional climbers in the Himalayas. So they worked in really extreme conditions – and did the medal. The salt content, which is a natural ingredient of preservative chicks & Sport, is a very important issue during such expeditions. Salt makes the body not dehydrated so quickly – contains the micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the water-electrolyte management.

Winter is demanding

In the mountains or winter sports, remember that our metabolism is working faster. Very low temperatures, snow and eg. The harsh wind is the conditions that can degenerate even from a seemingly simple expedition into a sharp endurance training. Then something tasty and nutritious is useful. Chicks & Sport is 200 g chicken meat in 100 g product. There is no enhancers and no chemistry, so it's a great alternative to unhealthy meals that we often eat on such trips. The small weight, compact size and vacuum pack will make the Chicksy become your companion. Be active and experience adventure with the new Extreme series. Nadciągamy!