Chicks & Sport Partner of Polish winter Himalaizmu

We have great pleasure tell that Chicksy and the company Merzdorf became the official partner of the Polish winter Himalaizmu. Artur Hajzera, whose goal in the years 2016-2020 is the first winter entrance to the K2! This year we will encourage everyone to keep their fingers crossed for the Polish expedition, which wants to be the first to look at the top of the world in winter.  

The biggest dream

Mount K2 is the highest mountain of the world so far. The highest point of Karakorum, where many experienced climbers have died. The more this mountain tempts and is the challenge and dream of many. Although the peak is more than 230 meters below the Mount Everest, it is to him that the palm has priority as to the difficulty of entering. A few hundred meters below, at a murderous altitude of 8000 m above sea level, on the daredevils are waiting difficult technical sections-chimney house and Black Pyramid, later equally difficult Clemensia Bottleneck. All this in the thin air, the enormous freezing weather and the hurricane-winds that blow in the region in winter. Climbers must wait for the weather windows, the wind at a speed of 130 km per hour slows to 50-60, at the very time they can move higher, without risking zdmuchnięcia down the Ponadtrzykilometrowej abyss.

The perfect companion in the high mountains

Chicksy in the year 2016 were already in Karakorum and the Himalayas on two expeditions, they worked best as they could. Not rozszczelniły at low pressure, not spoiled despite the huge temperature amplitudes, tasted just as well and most importantly-the Polish climbers could count on a decent dose of protein that can determine life or death in the mountains. The conditions there are different from those we all know, so the expeditions organized by the Polish winter Himalaizm will take together Chicksy, which are specially prepared for them in terms of weight, size and other aspects, which are constantly We check and test.

We wish you success and we want all participants to safely back from this and other expeditions! We encourage you to follow our site, Fanpage'a on FB, where we will inform you about the progress and preparation, and the site PHZ www.polskihimalaizmzimowy.pl.

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