Have you fallen in motivation? Calmly-here are our ways to do the same!

Hours of training, months of renunciation, HL poured sweat and finally it comes – leń. Quietly – a small step back is not the end of the world, it is possible to return to form! Here are our ways to deal with lazy and avoid it in the future!

Give your head a rest!

For each workout you give 150%? All your thoughts focus on the goal? Error! Remember that balance is the most important! So how do you give yourself a respite? It’s easy! Come out with your friends, go to the movies, shop or just posiedź at home and get “odmóżdż”! Good comedy, Womanish evening or Partyjka Mortal Kombat with my friends! The ways are many, but almost all are good! Just remember not to overdo it – the key is the golden mean!

Beware of overtraining!

The competition is getting closer, you want to fall out the best, eats you stress, and more and more greater workouts finish. Or maybe you should relax? Every athlete knows that you need to spend time on both training and rest before important occupations. Relaxation is important-it helps with regeneration and allows you to use the developed form in one hundred percent!

Your way to declining motivation?

The ways is as many as sports geeks! Each of us differently copes with lazy and each of us otherwise returns to form. Remember, we are different and there is no single golden rule that would be good for everyone! One of the more interesting ways to fight a lack of motivation is the training board! This can be a simple piece of paper on the fridge where you select the days you are training. The principle is simple – the more filled the whiteboard is, the better your work is visible! In regaining motivation for training is also important support, and nothing is better than the support of your idol!

Motivational kop!

If you need a solid kick, the power that your idol will charge you-take part in our contest! Write us how you fared with a drop in motivation and mark an athlete whose support is important to you! The authors of the top 10 comments will receive multi-function scarves with autographing the Chicksowego SUPERSPORTOWCA of their choice! Whom support can be obtained? The choice is sizable! Take part in the contest and check out our chicksową team here: Www.bit.ly/NiePekam