How does music affect my running training?

Runners! Music can add wings on your route, right? The tests proved that every other runner – especially amateur – listens to the music during the running training. Regardless of the place of your workout, because in both the park and the gym, you can meet people with headphones in your ears.

Why do we listen to music?

Many of you listen to music while running, because it kills boredom and loneliness. The music allows you to isolate yourself from the immediate surroundings if we feel it is not attractive. Therefore, while running with music, you can detach yourself from reality and do not trouble the heads of heavy matters or unpleasant thoughts, which often occur at the time of loneliness of man.

Music also makes a strong motivation for training. Moreover, some studies show increased adrenal gland activity in athletes listening to music during training. This means that we produce a larger amount of adrenaline that naturally stimulates muscle work and the cardiopulmonary-respiratory system. Of course, depending on the type of songs you listen to, you can influence your emotions in a motivating, energizing or relaxing way.

Music will improve your performance!

First, we dictate the rhythm of the run. It is mainly associated with a speed of music, defined by beats per minute and abbreviated as BPM. – beats per minute). The faster the song, the more BPM. On the Internet are available programs that count the BPM of a particular song, eg. MixMeister BPM Analyzer is the Pistonsoft bpm Detector, which you can download for free from official sites. Scientists have discovered exactly how many beats per minute will make you accelerate. It takes more than 120 BPM to make the body of a person listener react, raising energy levels. An ideal example is the song "Oye Como va" Santana, whose BPM is 135.

Well-chosen music allows running at the right pace, which improves performance. The music gives you an energy boost and acts as a "legal doping", which is why it is considered a kind of natural afterburner or sedative. Usain Bolt in one of the interviews said he listens to songs with a strong beat before the start to run faster. However, in the case of amateur gears, the speed is not as fast as stamina. The music makes you run not only faster, but longer, because it eliminates increasing fatigue, especially in low-intensity exercises. A British scientist has proven that this suspension condition, called dysocjacją, reduces the strain sensation during the run by 10%.

Be like Rocky!

In addition to selecting tracks with the right amount of BPM, please note that the speed and rhythm of the track are played at your own pace. This Skoordynujesz your steps with music. It is also worth to choose the songs motivating and well that associate. This is called a. "Rocky effect", because the songs in this series inspire so many runners and runners. "Going to Fly Now" by Billie Conti or "Eye of the Tiger", the survivor team is reminiscent of victory and combat against adversity. Listening to them, you remind yourself, as Sylvester Stallone redefined the limits of pain and physical endurance. Music should inspire the feelings you need during your training – whether you want to stoic calm or a wild fury.

The next time you're preparing your cross-country mix, keep in mind that the tracks must be stimulating and have a decisive rhythm: between 120 and 150 beats per minute. They should also induce the feelings you need during your training, that is, enthusiasm and sense of strength.

Source: https://www.runners-world.pl/