What to Eat in Summer?

That is just how it is in summer. Hot weather, the heat, and your appetite almost does not exist. But you must eat! After all, the high temperature itself can strongly affect our well-being and the performance of the body. Remember to provide it with all the necessary nutrients. How to manage that? We asked a dietitian about it.

What is the best food to eat during the heat?

As the dietitian Ewa Karpęcka from the Zdrowe Podejście clinic points out, in hot days we need to pay attention not only to stay hydrated but also to eat properly.To supply the body with both macro- and micronutrients.Due to the loss of a large amount of water, we also lose electrolytes which are of great importance in the context of hydration.Mineralized waters that provide the necessary electrolytes are recommended.It should be kept in mind that spring water can even dehydrate our body, adds the dietitian.
Widely known is the fact that fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, which are (right after physical activity) the basis of the current Physical Activity and Food Pyramids.You should choose especially those seasonal ones.Those products can be used to prepare lemonade, homemade ice cream, or a vegetable-fruit smoothie on kefir, which makes the whole more refreshing.The addition of herbs with a cooling effect, such as mint, basil, or sage, will also positively affect our body, advices Ewa Karpęcka.
She adds that other meal suggestions can be vegetable-based cold soups, vegetable or vegetable-fruit salads, with added carbohydrates (for example pasta, groats, rice, or bakery products). Do not forget about protein, for example cheese, poultry, fish, pulses, and a small amount of fat, preferably plant. For instance, linseed oil, walnuts, or pumpkin seeds. Let’s remember that our meals should be balanced, so as to avoid deficiencies of macro- and micronutrients, which may contribute to the weakening of the body during excessively hot days.

Do not give up on working out because of the high temperature

Many people skip all kinds of exercises when it is hot. If we can see that our body actually needs such a break, it is better not to exaggerate, and skip some forms of activity. Especially when it comes to training outdoors and in the blazing sun. However, if you feel up to it, remember to prepare yourself properly, that is get a headgear, an appropriate clothing, and to hydrate your body regularly. After a training session, it is good to replenish your strength and to eat, among others, protein snacks that quickly provide us with a lot of nutrients and satisfy our hunger.

What food to avoid in hot days?

High temperatures are not conducive to eating hard-to-digest foods. As dietitian Ewa Karcpęcka says, it definitely is a good idea to reduce the consumption of fat products, as well as to think about the right method of heat processing. The recommended methods are: cooking, steaming, and roasting. Keep in mind that frying affects the digestibility of a dish, can worsen our mood, and burden the digestive system. Also, better to give up hot spices which have warming qualities. The excess of salt and sugar in your diet will intensify the feeling of thirst, too. That is why sweets, junk and excessively salty food are not recommended, adds the dietitian.

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