Zero Waste Training

More and more people are becoming aware that too much waste is generated in the world. Many people are starting to implement the zero and less waste principles into their lives. Not only to produce less waste but also not to waste what they already got. Similar rules can also be applied to working out.

Try to reduce motoring

You want to do some workout. You take your gym bag and get into the car. You drive to the gym and… you get on the treadmill. Or you use the indoor bike. And yet these exercises can be successfully done outdoors. Additionally, getting to the gym by bike can be treated as a warm-up. And then you can immediately move on to slightly more demanding exercises. We also often say that we simply lack time for training. And that is true, considering the time needed to get to the gym, the exercises themselves, then the way back home – it turns out that this can be quite a venture. Sometimes, however, it is enough to get your bike out of basement, or your sport shoes out of the closet and jog around your neighborhood.

Do not use plastic bottles

If you are an active person, you should remember to hydrate yourself properly. However, it is worth considering how much plastic is needed for all the bottles of water we drink. Contrary to appearances, they should not be used repeatedly. So, the bottles go straight to the trash as soon as we refill the liquids. The first ideas with water in capsules are emerging, to be used for example during competitions, but it is still a long way to eliminate waste completely. A regular water bottle is a good solution. Many people are getting convinced to drinking tap water or using a water filter pitcher. An additional argument for such a solution is financial issues – by buying a new water bottle (if we have not already own one), we are definitely going to spend less than on many water packs bought on a regular basis.

Work out, enjoy nature and… clean after yourself

Everyone likes to spend time in a nice and clean environment. This, however, is not so simple. Even if you are out in nature, go to the forest, to the meadows, you can find a lot of rubbish laying around. The famous “5 Trash Challenge” can be easily used for regular outdoor training. Just, for example, after a run or a walk – and maybe even during it – collect some rubbish from the surrounding area and throw it into a nearby bin. We work out, so we do something for ourselves. We clean, so we also do something for others.

Use what you have

Especially at the beginning of your adventure with exercising. Lots of equipment and gadgets are not needed to work out on a regular basis. If you want to start running, then take your old sport shoes (they have the advantage of fitting better, and you can be sure they will not rub you), instead of immediately buying the latest model of popular brands.  For a start, you will find our if this form of exercise is really for you. You can use an application on your phone to measure results without having to buy a special smartwatch right away. Over time, you will see whether you really want to keep doing this type of activity or maybe you prefer something else. If you go swimming, then take a swimsuit or swimming trunks out of the closet. With a one-time visit to the swimming pool, investing in a new outfit is a considerable expense.

Do not waste money

For many people, living according to the principles of zero waste becomes most convincing when they look at numbers. And thus, how much money they can save. How many times have we bought a gym membership for a whole month right away, or maybe even for longer, just to use it only a few times. It is worth considering whether gym exercises are really for us, or maybe we would like to try something new. Many places offer the possibility of one-time entry – just to find out if the training sessions in a given place will suit us. It is easier then to adjust the type of activity to our capabilities and preferences.

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