Merzdorf – the pre-war name of Marciszów, a village in Lower Silesia. That is exactly where our production facility is located. And that is where our snacks go out into the world from. Opole is also close to our heart, and that is where our headquarters and office are located.

Who is thinking “why Fine Food?” For now, our main product is chicken breast fillet snacks. But who knows, maybe in the future the product range will be extended to include more healthy treats…

Our team

Andrzej Grudniok

Loves to go extreme skiing in winter, whereas in summer, he goes biking together with his family – mostly in the Austrian Alps.

Jakub Lasek
Marketing Manager

In every free moment, he loves to travel and spend time in the mountains. Preferably running, climbing, or skiing during winter.

Joanna Berezowska
Public Relations

In her hometown of Opole, she loves to travel on a bike. Recently, she started her adventure with running and is preparing to start in a 10 km run.

Patrycja Pieczyk
Office Organization

She regularly puts her blood and sweats at the gyms in Opole. Most often during various types of gymnastics.

Maturing and smoked chicken – what does it actually mean?

Our approach to the chicken meat used in our snacks is unique on every stage of the production. The chicken is hand-cleaned. Thanks to this, we are sure that only good, examined, and carefully prepared parts of chicken breast fillet are in our snacks. The meat undergoes a maturing process that takes around 5 weeks. During the period, the amount of water is reduced, which results in a 50% weight loss. So we use 200 g of fillet, up to even 400 g for chips, for 100 g of the final product. The meat is smoked only with cold smoke which brings out the noblest taste and smell, and increases meat’s durability, so we do not need to use preservatives.

Chicks&Sport is a new generation of healthy and protein-rich snacks. Check it out for yourself!