Beginner Runner Mistakes

Many people think that running is an easy sport. Nature has prepared us for this. We can just do it. Sure – we will manage to get on the bus or run with the child on the grass. A problem arises in the case of runs on longer distances and at a faster pace. Here you need proper preparation. And it is easy to make mistakes.

Too much at once

You can relish in running. Right away we want to run faster and longer. There is this term “runner’s high,” that is a state of euphoria after intensive training. You have to be aware, however, that too much effort, especially at the beginning of the running adventure, can do more harm than good. The body also needs time to adapt to new conditions – especially if you return to running after a longer break, or you begin such an adventure in general. It is better to start from shorter distances (the longer ones are going nowhere, relax) and increase it gradually.

Extremely fast pace and… that is it

We go somewhere to work out. We begin, want to relax and get tired, so we run as fast as we can. If this is what we specialize in, then there should not be a problem. However, if it is one of our first workout sessions, there is a high risk that after a short time we will be exhausted, and we simply will not be able to keep going. Not only our body will refuse to obey us, we can even feel frustrated. – because how can it be that the distance is so short and I cannot run anymore? So, just approach the subject calmly and start from a slow jog or a walk/run. We will gradually see that our performance is improving; that we are able to run more and faster.

No stretching

This is a problem that can come out only after some time after training. At first, we are happy, endorphins work, and we are satisfied we finished the run. The next days, however, are full of pain and discomfort, to the extent that we are unable to effectively do more exercises. So, it is good to add stretching permanently to your training schedule. What helps to regenerate is, for example a cold shower or cryotherapy.

Insufficient hydration

You must drink water and it seems that everyone knows this. But in reality, it turns out that many people do not watch how much water they drink every day (because it is not about coffee, tea, or sweet drinks).  There is a reason why dedicated applications that not only monitor but also remind you to reach of a glass of water are gaining popularity. And if we work out, the body’s demand increases. Anyone who has suddenly felt a strong thirst during a run and did not have access to water knows about it. Such a feeling may not only slow down our run but also significantly reduce is effectiveness.

No reaction to what is going on with the body

We have a training schedule – we work out in specific days at the distance of our choice, at a specific pace. But sometimes the body needs a break. Everyone has a worse day from time to time; feels like they are going to catch a cold, or simply does not feel strong. You do not have to force yourself to train in times like these. Better listen to your body and, if necessary, give it a rest.  Even if we are preparing for a competition, one must bear in mind that we are not robots. Try to stick to the training plan, but if we ignore some of the signals that the body sends us, we will be exposed to a number of injuries. And that is what we want to avoid.

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