Summer gears? Roller!

For fans of Winter madness summer is sometimes a time of downtime and sporty boredom. No snow, distance to the year-round tracks or ski resorts effectively deter running fans and more. What if there is an alternative? What if you can enjoy practicing your favorite summer sport and it’s in your city? Roller racing is an alternative to all who love ski runs, but do not want to spend money on trips to resorts or on artificial tracks! Rollers are a kind of combination of running gears and rollers. Brilliant huh? The biggest advantage of running on wheels is that you can ride them on virtually any flat surface. Bike path? Why not?! Empty parking? Clear! Roller allow you to ride where only your heart desires, but remember to watch for others-poles can be dangerous! Roller not terrible gravel or uneven surfaces! Roller in different varieties allow for driving in more difficult conditions. This means that they are perfect for all amateurs of activity among nature. Forest paths shouldn’t be a bigger problem! Before you go to roller, take care of the roller packed with the classic cross-country ski runs, you can burn a lot of calories and engage a lot of muscle. This training requires a considerable dose of protein, whose traditional sources are little handy. The solution to this problem may be chicks & sports crispy, which contain as much as 78% protein in a 100g product and fit in every pocket! Chicks & Sports Crispy is a solid dose of protein for any sporting occasion!