Mundial in front of the TV? Nothing lost!

Who did not forgive the training to see the match with my friends let the first stone throw! Backlash, nothing lost! Mundial on the couch does not necessarily mean giving up the form and conscious nutrition, especially today, when there is a huge selection of healthy replacements for traditional snacks in the market.

Ty vs. Buddies

Calmly, we all survived. Many months of taking care of the form, pouring seventh sweats on training and finally comes the day-the match! Buddy drills a hole in the belly-"bump into me, posiedzimy at Piwku, we're going Meczyk, I bought Żarełko, will be cool". Colleagues know that the beer will not persuade you, but what about the vastness of unhealthy snacks? Chips, crisps, sticks, and probably wleci some pizza. It's impossible to resist! And what if you do not have a meeting with my friends or Wyżerki? What if there are products for you like you – not wanting to be with snacks during Posiadówek with your friends while still conscious of the form? Such a world would be perfect right?

What about instead of crisps?

In recent times, Poland is undergoing a nutritional revolution. Very many people eat consciously and choose products that fit their lifestyle. Increasingly, in the store shelves we find products bio, vegan or directed to the people practicing sports. The issue of time was the emergence of replacements of such popular snacks as crisps, crunches, sticks or popcorn. Nowadays in the shops we find various healthy snacks – from almond spices to dried potato chips, carrots and even apples. The possibilities are plethora, but what to choose? An alternative can be chicks & sports crispy with high protein content.

Chicksy > crispy

Needless to remind you that this protein builds muscle? It is especially important for people like you – active, care-conscious and not going to compromise. The perfect appetizer for those who appreciate an active lifestyle are crispy chicks & sports crispy, which contain as much as 78% protein and are practically free of fat and carbohydrates. Thanks Chicksom match with my friends will not be a step back, and the opportunity to regenerate and great fun without limits. No more remorse! Chicks & Sports Crispy is a 400g of meat in a 100g product. Taking care of the form will never tasted better!