You are not yourself? Time for a snack!

How is it that you will always find someone or something that would prevent you from achieving your intended purpose? "I will not eat junk food!"-and here, as you get angry, you go out of work, or you come out of training, and your belly begins to extract sounds that no one had ever heard. What's more, you get the feeling that you'll turn your stomach upside down, and every person going next will hear the sound coming from your bowels, screaming for the fastest charge of energy. You know you have to do something, because otherwise, or you kill someone, or you literally die of hunger. You return quickly home with the intention of cooking something healthy and fast, after you give advice, even half an hour… And so you run, holding your belly, hoping that it somehow will calm downs, but you see all these possibilities. Before your eyes, you get a range of instant and delicious solutions. You feel the smell of a nearby kebab. Dripping you a saliva at the very thought of immersing your mouth in this juicy meat. But wait! It was supposed to be healthy. But this one, the only time. Nothing will happen… What if you would a healthy, nutritious and tasty snack at this point in your pocket? Knowing how it is (from your own experience) we have prepared for you 3 ways to avoid a sudden attack of hunger. Thanks to them you will keep your dietary health and your belly won't behave as possessed.

First of all, put on a country classic

The time is different, we understand it perfectly. It is often the preparation of anything that will get you dizzy. Think of what is the best and most available source of protein? Cottage cheese! The cottage cheese is a classic that never fails. Add your favorite fruit – banana, apple, blueberry. Przegryź a whole wholegrain breadcrumbs and you're done! A nutritious snack prepared in less than a minute. Hunger invaded.

Second-do not be afraid of carbohydrate bombs

We have a great news for you – you can afford sweets without remorse and prepare a healthy version in less than a dozen minutes. What do you need?

  • Half a cup of peanut butter
  • 1 cup oat flakes
  • 1/3 Glass chopped cranberry
  • 2 scoops of protein conditioner
  • Water – If consistency is too compacted

After mixing all these delicacies, you will get a zbitą mass. Uformuj it with balls of any size, and later wrap in coconut wiórkach, or bran. The conditioner will provide you with the necessary protein, peanut butter will provide you with fats, while cranberries will provide you with energy and carbohydrates. True that simple? Thirdly, you're not yourself, eat a chicken! For the chicken to not be eaten, we must serve it in various forms. Chicksy are the best that can meet you in case you głodowych stomach aches. Really. Their condensed form, the size of which makes you can store them literally anywhere, allows you to have everything under control. You do not have to worry that because of the momentary weaknesses of the you after something that you have decided to just recently restrict. Chicksy will make you feel much better, and your body would thank you for it later! Bet on healthy, easy-to-prepare snacks and get ready for any situation!