Snowboarding in summer? Wakeboard!

Snow, frost and… Snowboard… Do you miss?! What’s the breath on the water? Yes, Summer is wake time! Therefore, pack yourself in the car and once, once, seek the nearest Wakeparku!

Wake Up!

Wakeboarding is a sport that provides a great alternative to snowboarding enthusiasts. The difference is that the player, instead of whisk on the slope, is pulled on the water behind a specially prepared motorboat or by an extract. It is one of the easiest to learn water sports, but you have to convince yourself:) As you manage to start and beat the first turn, it will go on smoothly:) Sounds interesting, what?

Where do you swim?

Luckily from year to year appears more and more wakeparków with real events so the possibilities are practically limitless! You don’t have to worry about the equipment: the breath, the shoes, the vest and the helmet in most resorts you can simply borrow. You don’t have to worry about the costs that are much lower when compared to the rehabilitation in the ski resort. In addition to the largest enthusiasts Wakeparki prepare ski passes, which allow to use their services for a long time!

What about food?

Most of you are familiar with it. Queue to the lift, around full of people, and in the stomach of the concert? Can you order something in the bar next door? No, so much time you do not have, besides, after a solid wyżerce you will not want to move. Something fast, maybe Frits? It’s a waste of carbohydrates and fat. It would be nice to have with you something healthy and nutritious, no? Calmly, we have something for you! The solution will be our crisps: chicks & sports crispy that contain as much as 78% protein! In addition, they are handy enough to fit in any backpack, kidney or sachet! The perfect appetizer in line for the lift! Chicks & Sports Crispy – a healthy snack for the active!